Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lordofstamps aka arblos aka oo-oo-o-o-o-o-oo on deviantart, you are GodDAMNED lying bastard.

This one goes out to one of the most worthless sacks of shit on Deviantart, located here This lying fuck said this of me:
This GodDamned sack of shit constantly claims that I 'never explain' what it is the lying GodDamned fuck is lying about when it comes to me- and then he goes and posts one Fucking lie after another, attributing those ugly beliefs to me. The GodDamned fuck is going to get it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Arblos aka oo-o-o-o-o-oo at Deviantart finally Apologizes

Another climate alarmist / SJW / cyber-bully gets his.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

One of the most Ignorant Bastards on DA

There you have it. I have seen a lot of F**king stupid on DA but claiming a person's knowledge on a subject is tainted because THEY OWN STOCK is one of THE most stupid things I have ever seen. Copied out here because the dumb bastard will likely have hidden it.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Additional on scythemantis

The following is an exchange in notes prior to my posting this at DA Take note to what he says: he claims it has been half a decade. It has not. It has been three years since I began responding to his assaults. He claims he 'never thought about me' even though there are quite a few journals about me on his page- and apparently he has erased several since then so the number was even higher. As noted in the last blog entry I was able to recover one of those journals. He says he does not know what those lies were even though I have repeatedly laid it out for him, culminating in the above journal. If he is being at all honest then he will own up to his lies, misrepresentations and smears. Also take note that I had not agreed to anything other than to discuss the situation- which my entry on DA was designed for. More: Here is his activity on his alternate account. You can see how long ago it was since we last spoke: 204 weeks since he was blocked. That's not 'half a decade.' Further, it was a full Year before I even began to respond to his lies. The above image was taken May 6 2016.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Items regarding scythemantis' war: The Wayback Machine unfortunately has not captured all of the journals scythemantis erased, but it has found a few items. This first image details just a small portion of the many assault journals he wrote, never bothering to find out what I actually believe. Unfortunately I cannot find some of his best lines, such as 'I never read anything he writes' - and yet in one piece below, he claims to be reporting what he 'knows' of me. Well I absolutely agree that you never read much if anything which I have written scythe. Which means you simply manufactured what you wanted people to believe about me. That is the acting of a lying bastard.
'what I believed to be true.' No, what YOU chose to be 'true.' Anyone making the effort to read my writings knows my POV on climate change has shifted over the years- in fact, I started out as a True Believer in AGW. His claim however is also that I somehow believe it is OK to pollute. That is an outright LIE and on that score at the very least he owes me a Public apology. He has also claimed in regards to the one of the pieces I put up that I am 'trying to discredit all science.' Once again an ugly lie- he deliberately misrepresented a piece in which I showed that some scientists do indeed work for profit, power and prestige- as opposed to the constant claims that no scientist would EVER do anything to mislead the public, especially in climate change. Attempting to smear that obvious FACT into 'trying to discredit all science' is the act of a lying, deceitful bastard.
Did I block scythe after a number of exchanges a few years back? Yes. Had he blocked me since? YES! Last fall I wiped my block list clean, 100%. Since then two new names have been added but the point here is that scythe was OFF my list seven months ago- yet I was unable to post any comments to his page or believe me I would have! Yet he is trying to make it out that I was not blocked on his page.
Additional: As noted elsewhere: scythe came by one of my early climate pieces. We had a few exchanges despite his claim that I 'blocked him instantly.' Two months later I discover that he is so obsessed with me that he has written Nine entire journals against me within those two months. What could possibly make me think he was obsessed? (that's sarcasm, for any of his followers who look in here) And here is the first of those journals. Note that in the final paragraph, scythe chooses to LIE about every single thing skeptics believe or think: Does this sound like a person who wants a 'reasonable' discussion?