Saturday, June 23, 2007

What will the Democrats 'Balanced Response' be, if our troops are NEVER to be used to protect our own interests?

Just a quick thought:

If our troops are never to be used to protect the interests of the US, where will they be used?

Especially as it will become increasingly apparent over time, that virtually every group or country a Democrat president chooses to go up against, will turn out to be muslim?

For Example: How do you protect the black Animists and Christians of Darfur from death and / or slavery, without fighting a muslim terrorist group (the Janjaweed (weeds are what they are)) which is backed by a muslim government?

I should also note, because of such thinking, many countries will be off the table, countries who would gladly see the US brought down. Cuba is one, not that we ever figure to attack the home of the paranoid castro anyway. Iran is clearly one; the Left has absolutely NO interest in tackling a problem that will grow to global proportions as both the Iranians and the Wahhabi Saudis continue to fund islamofascist terror operations world wide.

I mean, buy a clue here! As islamofascist terrorism spreads further and further- not just in the 30 or so countries that are already under assault, but in many others- just WHO are the Democrats / Left, going to be willing to come to the aid to- and that WITHOUT our interests coming into account.

As IF it were possible to go anywhere on the globe without our interests coming into play. You can't do it.

I'd love to hear what they will say then.