Monday, July 30, 2007

On the Road Again- plus a thought for those who like to think.

Taking a week back home to Pennsylvania, to visit relatives I have not seen in upwards of 10 years. Back on the 11th of August.


America has Always been multicultural.

Think about it. Think of all the art, literature and culture that has entered the US, some of it beginning 11,000 years ago, some of it entering from time to time in the centuries before Columbus. The Vikings had at least one colony on the continent, possibly the ancient Chinese, as one of their ships has been found sunk off the coast...

Look at everything that people brought with them as they worked to escape Europe for various reasons. Greek, Italian, Irish. We have Scottish Native Americans. People bring Asian artefacts to the 'Antiques Roadshow' that have been in their families for generations- and many of them are not Asian. Like your Paisley tie? That comes from India. So do some of the patterns incorporated into tiles and various other architechtural ideas used around the country today.

That brooch your grandmother wore was inspired by Egyptian culture brought to the US in the 20s and 30s. HP Lovecraft's ideas can be traced to the Middle East and Asia. Lord of the Rings is a mixture of Celtic and Christian.

I could go on...

But here's the point: These are all POSITIVE things. This is the way the world works. People have been mixing and intermingling for 10,000 years, and the culture of America, the US, is one of the finest examples of true, unmitigated, unlegislated multiculturalism there is.

Not the bullshit the Left has been foisting off as multiculturalism. 'All Cultures are equally valid.' 'All faiths are equally valid.' 'You may NOT critize any culture (especially the one they favor over Christianity- islam)'


The Left would see no problem with people practicing Suttee today. They would Howl for the rights of the Thuggee- especially if the people protesting happened to be WASPs. Female genital mutilation? Fine, bring it on! Feminists have Nothing to say about the practice (the true feminists of 80 years ago would have). Sharia law? Install it wherever possible.

There is Nothing 'progressive' about what they are doing to the US today- instead, it is working to tear the country into little chunks.

I hope the day that 'new nations' come into being, ripping themselves free of the US, does not happen in my lifetime. But I am not betting on it. I just wonder if the coming Dukes and Duchesses of the Democratic Permanent Leadership will be cheering it on- especially the Sharia-governed enclaves that 'sanctuary cities' will become- while the rest of the US languishes in 'Fairness'doctrine-imposed silence, paying out there 80% tax burden to save the world from Natural Climate Change that the human race still isn't even close to being able to affect, let alone cause.

Enough on this for now. Stay safe, everyone. Everyone who cares, that is.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some people Love to dig dirt on the Presidential Candidates- especially if they are Republicans.

Then, they pile all that dirt over their favored Democrat, as a means of preventing others from digging dirt on Them.

Ever notice that?

Any and every sin or mistake of a Republican MUST see the light of day. Especially Manufactured ones.

Every and ALL mistakes, but ESPECIALLY the sins, of a Democrat, must be buried, countered with vile commentary, and threats to silence.

I am SO glad the Blogosphere came along.

btw, kerry, Despite your recent lies millions died in several countries, thanks to you and yours helping the NVC win the war.