Thursday, January 1, 2015

They're Just Literally Lying About Climate Change

Climate change is never quite what they want you to believe it is. But they know that most people do NOT have the time to find out for themselves just what the real deal is- and the True Believers *Love* you for it!

So I though I'd toss these few tidbits out for the end of the year. Remember, Knowledge is Power!:

Wheat Crops Grow Despite Climate Alarmists’ Lies

Five Climate Lies of 2014

Seven more of the Top Lies by climate alarmists

Lies and insults against Skeptics don't change the facts

Famous Climate Alarmists Frequently Resort to Blatant Lies to Create Fear!

Latest round of climate hysteria articles are packed with lies

Half-truths, Lies & Climate Change

Remember those poor walruses? Well, THAT was lied about, also

Lies straight from the White House!

And last but not least, more on the ever-growing list of lies by hockey Schtick fraudster mikey mann


Oh Hey! There's a group on FaceBook dedicated to covering climate-change lies


I could list TONS more- but it is New Year's Eve!


And remember, NEVER live in fear of the weather. It's doing what it's been doing for the past billion years. Always. Changing.

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John Graber said...

I think those who believe that the world's end is imminent love never-ending horror movies.