Saturday, May 7, 2016

Additional on scythemantis

The following is an exchange in notes prior to my posting this at DA Take note to what he says: he claims it has been half a decade. It has not. It has been three years since I began responding to his assaults. He claims he 'never thought about me' even though there are quite a few journals about me on his page- and apparently he has erased several since then so the number was even higher. As noted in the last blog entry I was able to recover one of those journals. He says he does not know what those lies were even though I have repeatedly laid it out for him, culminating in the above journal. If he is being at all honest then he will own up to his lies, misrepresentations and smears. Also take note that I had not agreed to anything other than to discuss the situation- which my entry on DA was designed for. More: Here is his activity on his alternate account. You can see how long ago it was since we last spoke: 204 weeks since he was blocked. That's not 'half a decade.' Further, it was a full Year before I even began to respond to his lies. The above image was taken May 6 2016.